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Installing Televisions Properly

Have your new smart TV placed on a wall that is visible to everyone with the help of Dan the Handyman. When you hire him, your television will be handled with care. Dan won't rush to complete your TV installation. He'll take him time to make sure everything is put in perfectly and meets your expectations.

The Right Professional for the Job

Dan enjoys helping home and business owners with their TV mounting jobs. While he prefers to install televisions that you've already purchased, he is open to picking up and transporting your TV to your location (depending on its size).

Once your box is ready to be installed, he'll get right to work. Dan will treat your property as if it was his own. For this reason, he'll use beach towels to protect your floors from being damaged by his tools. He is also insured.

Mounted Television with Video Game

The Benefits of TV Mounting

There are many great reasons to have your new TV mounted. Not only will it add space to your home or office, but it will also prevent you from having to strain your eyes and neck to see the screen. Straining your neck or eyes is uncomfortable. To eliminate this for you, Dan will install your TV in an easy-to-see location. He'll ensure your box is level and all of the wires are hidden inside of the wall for you.

Additionally, placing your TV on a wall can keep it from being damaged. This is great for clients who have active children or a busy work environment.